A prayer for blessings

January 02, 2018

God Is With You In All Situations. Join Pastor Kruger Van Rooyen in Prayer

Pastor Kruger Van Rooyen has the prophetic word for South Africa 2018 Listen to the prophetic word for South Africa 2018! God is ready to bless you abundantly. Are you facing rejection? Has poverty headquartered...

September 25, 2017

Obtain Spiritual Strength To Resist The Devil From Pastor Kruger Van Rooyen

God knows your situation and wants to help you Come to  Jesus Powers Church for spiritual strength, miracle healing, exorcism and deliverance. If you are being afflicted in life, suffering from a chronic illness or poverty;...

May 17, 2017

The Miracle Hour With Pastor Kruger Van Rooyen Is Here. Contact The Man of God

Get in touch with the man of God through the prophetic prayer line 24/7 Do you have a relative who is demon possessed or sick? Are you suffering from cancer or HIV Aids? Would you...