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Welcome to the Powerful Devine Prayer Ministries


As humans, we are needy and dependent. We are not self-sufficient or independent. We need provision, protection, direction, wisdom, help, comfort, and encouragement. God is the giver of every good gift and every perfect gift. He is the source of everything we need. Through Pastor Juan Svenericks, God has brought changes into the lives of many people. People who come to his Powerful Devine Prayer Ministries have received miracles, healings and deliverances. The Lord will work a miracle in your life.

Through prayer, you will receive what you want

When we pray to God, we are able to recognize that we are in need and that we cannot stand alone without the presence of God. Today, Pastor Juan Svenericks of the Powerful Devine Prayer Ministries would like to pray for you. God has been working many wonders and miracles through him. 

When the man of God prays for you, the miracle you have been yearning for will come.

Are you suffering from HIV AIDS? Are you a cancer patient? Is poverty and lack making your life more miserable than it had ever been? Come and receive your miracle today at our Prophetic Ministry in Pretoria. You can contact Pastor Juan Svenericks online or come to Powerful Devine Prayer Ministries. Great things will happen in your life when you meet the man of God. Many have testified to the Goodness of The Lord through him and your turn is next.



Pastor Juan Svenericks heads Powerful Devine Prayer Ministries. Join him in prayer today and your situation will change. Many times, Christians confess to having said a prayer and feeling as though nobody was listening to them. The truth is that sin disconnects us from God. For that reason, intercessory prayers are very important in creating a link between a person and God. If you are facing unending problem, contact Pastor Juan Svenericks so that he can intercede for you. Yu will instantly receive a miracle when he intercedes for you.

He has  restored broken marriages and connected many to the glorious presence of Christ Jesus. 

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